Smart TV is Changing Life Style - Amazon Revolution

The last few years have seen the television segment transform significantly, and there have been some big improvements in the televisions themselves.


According to an Amazon spokesperson, 80 percent of televisions sold in India on Amazon in 2019 were smart TVs, indicating that both customers and television manufacturers see the future in online video streaming.


"In 2019, 80 percent of televisions sold on Amazon in India were smart TVs, a big increase from 2018 when the figure was 50 percent" said Garima Gupta, Category Leader for televisions at Amazon India.



Apart from the Korean conglomerates, brands such as Xiaomi and TCL are also among the most popular options on Amazon, while Indian brand Vu has shows a lot of promise in the few months that some of its models have been officially available on Amazon.



Although Android TV is the most popular smart TV platform in India, Amazon is positive about the potential for its own Fire TV Edition series of televisions.


Apart from just selling and delivering the televisions, Amazon has also been adding value in terms of services offered to sweeten the sale.


"In 2020, we are looking to improve the process of television returns for customers who face problems. We also want to bring scheduled deliveries to more pin codes, as we continue to improve our infrastructure. Tier 2 cities in India will be a strong focus point for Amazon when it comes to TV sales in 2020," she said.